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About Me

Since earning a Master’s in Instructional Technology, I’ve worked as a project manager and designer for companies operating in tehcnology, wealth management, healthcare, construction, and education. 


I enjoy working with a diverse set of stakeholders, from plant managers to directors, in completing projects on time. I cherish designing and developing learner-centered activities with subject-matter experts (SMEs) who have in-depth knowledge through years of doing work that I’m seeking to better understand. 


Having worked as a project manager for numerous companies across the US, I am comfortable working in multiple time zones and adjusting meeting times to meet client needs. 

I'm fortunate to have lived and learned from folks in LA, Portland, Oregon, and Knoxville, Tennessee. It’s while living in Knoxville that I discovered my love for baking!  Similar to Instructional Design (ID), baking requires precision, persistence, using the right tool, and creativity. 


I also love mentoring newer IDs and appreciate supporting their learning as I equally learn from them. 

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