Course Development - 15 Week: Organizational Behavior 

Only sample of slides shown


For the Haslam College of Business, I converted a F2F organizational behavior course into a course offered online asynchronously. Content from 14 chapters of an organizational behavior (OB) textbook were transformed into 14 interactive lectures using Articulate 360. Shown here is chapter 16, which instructs on organizational culture. Supplemental learning content include videos, discussion boards and PowerPoints which are all uploaded into the learning management system and available to learners. 

 Each lecture begins with a video in which I share a professional anecdote that's tied to the subject matter of the chapter. Lectures are brief and focus on teaching only key concepts from the textbook. 


Course piloted in 2016 and continues to be used today, teaching over 600+ students annually.


Contributions provided by Dr. Mark Collins; technical support OIT; textbook via McGraw Hill,  Colquitt, LePine & Wesson's Organizational Behavior (5th edition); images provided by Articulate's Storyline II.